Well Hi there, thanks for stopping by. I’m Lara, mum of 2 boys, 2 & 4 years old. I have just returned to work part time after an extended maternity leave. I was fortunate to be able to take 2 years off work after the birth of my second son. I previously worked in Publishing for 13 years but found it a hard industry to get back into without compromising my work life balance. So a change of scenery was needed and I am now working in Disability Support in the Education sector.

Despite my Media experience I am certainly no writer. But giving this blog a go.

I have a very loving and supportive Baby Daddy/Fiancé (who likes to stay behind the scenes). We have been together for almost 10 years but aren’t married. We postponed our wedding after Bub number 1 and just haven’t gotten around to re-organisng it. Note to self- start wedding planning.

We live in my family home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and my mum lives with us. Sometimes its like having a Mary Poppins, sometimes its like having a third child. Its not everyones ideal set up but we make it work. We are slowly renovating the house to accomodate all of us. We also have a dog and 2 cats.

While on maternity leave I found myself at the shops a lot. I mean I still shop a lot but when you are pounding the pavement trying to get a baby to sleep while chugging endless coffee you inevitably end up indulging in retail therapy. I was on the hunt for bargains, at the time mostly for the kids, and was always messaging different friends and my mothers group about what I’d found. Everyone suggested I start an Instagram page to centralise my finds. So I did but I had no idea that every other mum with a smart phone was doing the same thing. So “Lara’s Loot” was born and I was posting all my finds. The page was slow growing and I soon realised the budget fashion posts were getting the most interest. So the page evolved a bit more into affordable style and accessories and is now @laras.style_

My personal style has changed since having kids and I am trying to step out of my comfort zone. I love bright colours, a statement earring and a bold lipstick. I firmly believe you don’t need to spend a lot to look good and confidence is key. But my style isn’t for everyone. I don’t always post about the latest trends. I love a $2 Kmart bargain and a good rummage through an op shop.

What else? I love to travel. Well I did a lot more travelling pre kids. I have family in the UK so it has always been a base for further adventures and I have lived in London.

So just a little bit about me. I hope you enjoy this page.

LK x