Lunchbox Life Part 2- Woolworths SMASH review

So I am becoming quite the lunch making whiz. Not just for my kids but for myself too.  The food options at my work are limited to one very average and overpriced cafeteria and a snack vending machine that is mostly empty so I am all about the BYO.

Hubby laughs that I pack enough food for a week but hey a girls got to eat!

me snack too

Enter smash with their versatile range. I have been trialling a variety of their products over the last month (see previous review) and I’m really happy with the options.

The chiller snack pot range is perfect for me, as depending on my shift, I am not always able to store my lunch in a fridge. We are trying to reduce our plastic waste too so I have cut out buying individual yogurts and instead I buy a big tub and portion it up in the snack pots.

snack1Another favourite of the boys is the mesh lunch bag with drink pocket. Perfect for individual snacks but it also holds all the chiller pots (and I can fit it in my handbag!)


The boys can open all the containers and zips with ease and none of the containers have ever leaked which is another plus.

*All products were gifted for review from Smash and this particular range is available at Woolworths. Check out Smash for full product range and further details.

LK x

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