Dyson Airwrap Styler

Last week I attended the launch of the Dyson Airwrap Styler at the Dyson Sydney City pop up store.


In less than 30mins I had my hair washed and was shown step by step how to use the Airwrap styler ending with a sleek new ‘doo. No additional hair products were needed. I was also treated to a few glasses of Champagne, always a plus!

The Airwrap is a game changer for a curly-haired time poor mum like me. I’m either rocking a frizzy ‘fro or a boring “Mum Bun” as it would usually take me a good hour to tame my frizz.

I have various hair dryers and straightening irons but no other product has ever given me salon quality results in record time. I gave up on curling irons years ago!

The low down-  The styler uses Dyson’s intelligent heat control and multi styler engineering to create curls, waves and smooth blow dry finishes without extreme heat. Its 6 years in the making and uses a phenomenon called the “Coanda effect”. The Coanda effect happens when high-speed air in a cylinder creates a vortex. In the tool, high pressure air flows through six slots in the barrel, which gets the hair to latch onto the curler.

It has a wand base with various attachments, including a dryer (I was surprised at how light this was and how quickly it took the bulk of moisture out of my hair), two paddle brushes, a round brush, and two widths of curling barrels. Now the barrels don’t clamp your hair like most curlers. This is one of the selling features. The barrels go in different directions and use only air to wrap your hair around. 


The time saver is also that you can use bigger sections of hair than with a regular dryer. We sectioned my hair off into about 8 x 1-2 inch sections and got an instant results.

It did take a few goes for me to get the hang of it but its very user friendly. We created some natural curls then brushed them out to a bouncy bob.
dyson 1
Because no other hair products were added, no gloss, no spray, I got almost 1 week out of the blow dry before I started to get oily roots.
Now let’s talk about the price tag- it’s $699 .. yes six hundred and ninety nine dollars. That’s certainly above the prince range I’d usually pay and I’m sure more than most people can afford to splurge on. But in this case I do think the product is a worthy investment.
Over the years I have spent a lot on various dryers and straighteners that haven’t lasted and I have paid upwards of $50 for a professional blow dry. Well I can now create the same look at home in record time.

Shop here- Dyson.com


LK x



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