Modi Bodi

So I finally tried the “Period undies” that everyone is talking about.
Making the switch from using regular sanitary items after 20 + years to wearing modified underwear was certainly a hard concept to get my head around. How does it work? What are the benefits? I’ll spare you all the technical jargon but basically all the garments are made from special Modifier Technology material that can absorb extra liquid. It eliminates the need for sanitary products (you wash and reuse the knickers) and therefore it eliminates waste.
I wanted to see how they held up at night before trying them during the day so I chose the Seamfree Full Brief (heavy/overnight absorbency). I generally have a light, short cycle and only need a pad for the first 2-3 nights of my period. I was actually nervous getting ready for bed. Instead of fishing out the giant overnight with wings pad from the bathroom cupboard I put on my big girl panties and hoped for the best.
The knickers were very comfortable and not bulky. But the full briefs are very full, almost like shape wear. The material is very soft and you don’t feel like you have any extra protection. I was honestly worried it would feel like I was wearing a nappy! So off I went too sleep. 8 hours later I woke to a slight leak. So straight in the shower and I rinsed out the knickers. What I was so surprised about was that, despite the leak, they held
A L O T of liquid and I did not feel wet or uncomfortable during the night.  The following 2 nights were fine, everything contained.

I do think I should have sized down as I found the size 16 a big make and the fact they weren’t a super snug fit might have contributed to the leak.

Overall I was very happy with the knickers and I am going to invest in a few more pairs to see how they go during the day.  I firmly believe that these products are the way of the future and a fantastic example of how a simple switch can reduce our waste and our environmental footprint.

Modi Bodi have a variety of sizes & styles.


They also have a 30 day trial money back guarantee.

Shop here-

*Note- the product I was sent was gifted for review.

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